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As a membership based facility, FISC is the ultimate weekly destination for athletes, fans and anyone who loves sports.  750,000 people visit our facility every year.  

For information on available rental space for your business, contact FISC’s Sales office at 240.215.4040.

Businesses within FISC

Frederick Soccer Supplies

Location: Adjacent to the FISC welcome desk

Frederick Soccer Supplies Facebook

Frederick Soccer Supplies has chosen FISC as the ideal retail location from which to offer the area’s largest selection of top quality soccer gear, including  apparel, footwear,  equipment  and  hard to find items like soccer goals, rebounders, nets, field equipment, referee gear and a full line of goalkeeping gloves and apparel.

ITNEEDSHELP (formerly TechKnow Butler)

Location: 2nd floor, in front of the North Field
240-415-4357 / 240-415-HELP

ITneedsHelp ( www.itneedshelp.com ), a computer service and support firm specializing in home and small business applications.

Golden Knights Karate 

Golden Knights Karate

Location:  2nd floor.
For more information or to register, visit  www.goldenknightskarate.com  or contact Billy Saccardi at  301.788.8206  or  billy.gkkarate@gmail.com  OR Scott Alexander at  301.471.4992  or  scott.gkkarate@gmail.com .

Pork Is Good Stuff BBQ

Location:  1st floor.

Find out more:  http://www.porkisgoodstuff.com  or call 240.629.8001


Location: 2nd floor.

Find out more: http://jumpclimbextreme.com/ or call 240.215.0140