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Take Your Team To The Olympics!

The Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC) offers companies a unique spin on the traditional team building program.  Corporate Olympians™ is a hands-on, out-of-the-chair approach that will have everyone in your office engaged and energized from beginning to end.

Why choose Corporate Olympians?  

Professionals and Olympic athletes have a lot in common.  Both must set clear goals, stay focused and motivated, practice skills and celebrate accomplishments. The Corporate Olympians™ program includes a series of competitive but fun-focused “challenges.”  ALL reinforce the qualities necessary for excellence. From extraordinary relationship-building experiences to engaging team development activities, Corporate Olympians™ will enhance your team!

Do I have to be physically fit to participate?

No. Corporate Olympians™ has a “challenge by choice” philosophy. Each participant decides the level of challenge he or she is able or willing to take on. There are plenty of activities for those who opt out of physical challenges.  Everyone will have an important role to play.

Corporate Olympians™

  • All programs held at the
 Frederick Indoor Sports Center (FISC) from 10:00AM-3:00 PM.
  • Lunch is included.
  • Silver and Gold packages 
offer additional customized activities and upgrades.

►BRONZE Corporate Olympians™

  • Team building day.

  • Focus on stronger relationships.

  • Warm-up activities.

  • Innovative and creative problem solving challenges.

  •  “Lunch with Leaders,”  A team sports 
event closing activity.

►SILVER Corporate Olympians™

  • * Includes all elements featured in the
 BRONZE Package*

  • Customize activities based on your group’s needs and 
desired outcomes (examples: managing time, appreciating
 differences, solving problems).

  • Receive a follow-up report
 based on the facilitators’ observations during the day
 and recommendations for future team development.

►GOLDCorporate Olympians™

  • *Includes all elements featured in the

  • Personalized PRE and POST measurement
 tool. This allows the leader of the team to do an objective “pulse check” with the
 team, address concerns and track progress.

  •  Recommended for leaders interested in long term
 team development and long lasting results.

Contact us directly, for more information:
Sheldon Shealer, Program Director at 240-215-4040 or sshealer@frederickindoor.com